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Its been a long time for us. Its actually our 11th monsarry that day, 21 december 2013. He pick me up and spend some times with me. And I'm sincerely appreciate every single second that he spend with me eventhough we actually did not do anything much than sit together and talk to each other. And its been a while we didn't meet each other. But the saddest part is I guess, em people change aite. Same goes to everyone. Feeling might change to. And I dont know, ni cuma aku yang rasa atau apa. Rasa macam lain. Mungkin sebab dah lama? Semua dah tak ada beza? Entahlah. Yes, maybe cuma aku yang rasa. And hm dear you, thanks for keep on staying with me for 11th month and we're still counting aite? Annnnnd I hope, we will end our relationship with something good that can be proud of. I'm sorry for all the mistakes, annoying moments, my flaws and everythings. And if one day, you've found someone better than me. Dont be afraid. I'll try to accept it as good as I can. And no matter what my dearboyfriend, haha I'll always end up my dua's for our sake and for you. So do me a favor? Will you keep staying with me? Through thin and thick? Through the best and the worst I am? Hahaa I'm a dreamer aite? Even you told me so many times that you can't promise to keep on staying with me. Whateverlah, whatever that is good for you, I'll always pray for that.Much love. Assalamualaikum. :)
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