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 Long - Distance Relationship.
Well, its really happen to me. Sorang di selatan. Sorang di utara. Setahun cuma berapa kali jumpa. And guess what? I miss you. So much. Okay everyone, before baca ni sesila la bukak youtube then search Bruno Mars - Long Distance. Dengar sambil baca ni. Gua nak acah acah cam feeling sikit mwahaha.
I wish that you were here with me
But we're stuck where we are
And it's so hard, you're so far
This long distance is killing me
 Apa perasaan? Takda perasaan hahaha okay hambar. Hmmm actually a lots of things. Kenapa? Sebab....................... well, we're both far. Omg hari hari gedik nak rindu. Nak nak bila memasing busy, just boleh spend only few hours a day. Itu pun just through phone. Sedih la gile. Taktau nak cakap cemana. Orang cakap jangan percaya dia sangat. Jangan simpan perasaan tinggi sangat. Nanti kalau jatuh, sakit dia susah nak hilang. But the truth is, you dont feel what we feel. What I feel. Memanglah, kadang kadang macam curious bila texting ke whatever la tetiba 40 minit lepastu baru dia reply. Mestilah fikir, apa benda dia duk buat nihhhhhhhhhhh. Haha tipu ah tak fikir pape enn. Well, for me hmm maybe he was busy or doing something maybe. Just wait. 

Anddd, kalau betul dia dengan orang lain. Okay....................... Taktau nak cakap apa. Hahahahaha biarlah. Ada jodoh, adalah. Kalau dah dia nak dengan orang lain, nak buat cemana. Alaaa sedihnya ayat guwa. Kadang kadang tu terfikir, is he okay with this? Well, boleh kira berapa kali je dapat lepak sesama. Doing something together. Kind of sad bila kadang kadang tengok orang lain selalu boleh together gether. Tapi kita? I'm sorry I'm far. I'm sorry if this distance sometimes make it hard for us. 

I wonder if you ever talk about missing me to anyone. I hope you know what I mean. I miss you. I miss those good days, lame jokes, exciting conversations. Everything just..... I don't even know what happen to me. Sometimes I want to hear your voice so badly. Sometimes I want to meet you so frequently. If things don't seem to be okay and I make you mad and break your heart tonight, would you still love me in the morning ?

Last night. It was the saddest dream I ever had. I dream of you, but in that dream you tell me that you have somebody, somebody to love. Then I cry. I miss you so soooooooooooooooooooooo badly Ahmad Syaufik.

Well Ahmad Syaufik, if you decide to leave one day. You have to know this, they say only my heart will be broken, but actually I hurt in my whole body. Don't go anywhere. Please? 
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